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ok then

It remains a fact that the "official story" contains a cover-up (which by definition implies a conspiracy of some sort). Its admitted and argued to be so by the majority of 911 commissioners.

Thousands of experts in various fields (Ron Paul as a politician being one of them) call for an independent investigation in order to find out what really happened.

To me that removes your ability to label it "19 terrorists, Blowback, case closed". That argument seems to leave many (including Paul) wanting. Which i think is all i was getting at.

I dont want to connect Ron Paul to 911 truth. I think 'truther' and '911 truth' are labels created by media in order to pigeon hole and discredit those who know the official story doesnt hold up.

His statements, along with millions of others, is that the government's version contains cover up. If its important to not call him a truther or something....then fine...he isnt. But he isnt saying what you are. not by a long shot.

IN the end here....your stated desire of restoring a constitutional that same as mine. What we believe about 911 isnt that important to the end goal. So with that i wish you well. I apologize if my comments were antagonistic or off base. Passion tends to often get the better of me.