Comment: What a fraud

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What a fraud

Tamerlan was recruited and radicalized though locals in Cambridge. Authorities are ret-conning the 'facts' to match the new narrative since their leads have gone cold and they want to save face. Statements and actions from the government have been Orwellian from the start and continue to get more bizarre.

There's no way I believe that Tamerlan's IED training back in the motherland was serendipity, that he flew to the Russian Federation and was lucky enough to bump into a terrorist cell, and that there's no connection between those who trained him and other radicals in the US including in Cambridge, Mass.

I think the odds are zero that this was just these two brothers, that there aren't a bunch who have simply dodged the incompetent cops the way Djokhar dodged the infamous 3,000 cop Watertown dragnet.

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