Comment: The Prominance of AJ's Message

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The Prominance of AJ's Message

If you see AJ as being the encourager of solutions, that is awesome. I believe I would have to listen for hours to hear a snippet of such direction or encouragement. It is not uncommon to throw in snippet of positivism or encouragement in a long winded negative rant. I'm just suggesting that the predominant disposition of AJ is focused on the negative... which generally only arouses more disdain and animosity. I would suggest he doesn't foster love, respect, compassion, nor does he empower people with the ideas and ideals of individual liberty, and what positive effect that would have on us. IMO, he is merely a focal point for those who see the state as an enemy. As such, love, compassion, and respect are perhaps simply not yet realized, even if employed in their hollow rhetoric.