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I've done a fair amount of

I've done a fair amount of research into the Free State Project. However, a big con is that it is still in the United States. Unfortunately with the system we now have in the USA, we could have a state with the most minimal government possible and the federal government would still tax them more than ever and invade their freedoms.

For example, my taxes federally could still approach ~40% or even more of my overall income when working for myself. It would still be a federal crime to consume Marijuana, when it is my body or choosing to do so with. The feds could enact another assault weapons ban and there is little the states could do to stop them. More importantly, the dollar and the federal reserve would still be their king and control their overall currency and monetary policy. I understand the principles of state nullification and the constitution, but the pessimist side of me thinks our country is too far gone and will further invade our liberties and freedoms.

Specifically, I also think the state freedom index is a bit biased. Take Tennessee for example, we are supposed to be in the top five most free states in the country according to the same poll that ranks NH at the top. Other polls even rank TN above NH in freedom. Many aspects of this can be true, such as the income tax, voting rights, etc. However, many aspects of this are completely susceptible to opinion. TN for instance has some of the harshest and arcane drug laws in the country. Our political system is over-run with "good ol boys" politics. Both of our senatorial representatives have supported obamacare, internet sales taxes, mostly supported gun control, drone strikes, wars, etc.

Specifically to NH, I'd really like to find a place not quite as cold. I was born in TN and consider myself southern and my southern blood is too thin for that weather, lol. Simply visiting my relatives in Upstate NY in the wintertime freezes my bones.