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Haha the snow aspect is one

Haha the snow aspect is one of the bigger cons for my personal taste. TN is certainly in the same boat as we are both in the "bible belt" controlled by neocons. It is saddening to me because I think there are several good aspects to christianity but they are drowned out by the clowns locally who want to kill anyone who is islamic. For example, in my hometown where I reside we have a Mosque that recently opened. The local government managed to make them wait years (which eventually made it to national news). Local fools spouted they "are a terror training camp", meanwhile at a local megachurch the county sheriffs office sponsored "anti-terrorist training".

I'm hoping to find a free libertarian country/state that is warm. The beach would be a plus as I've never lived near an ocean before. I agree with you, I'm young and single and feel if I ever want to move now is the time of my life to do it.