Comment: As a grown man, father of two...

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As a grown man, father of two...

Let me just say a few things in response to the OP of this thread. I mean no disrespect or defamation of character. I speak from the heart.

"This post is addressed to those who believe they have a divine right to discuss any and all conspiracy theories on the Daily Paul. After reading, I would appreciate it if you would answer the question at the bottom".

"Divine right"? Conspiracy Theories"? "Addressed to those"? I have been a follower of the DP for well over year and was awakened in 2008 by Alex Jones in a happenstance flick of the remote to the History channel covering the topic of 9/11. Let me tell you my answer to your question, which is a great one at that.

Firstly, it is obvious to anyone with open eyes that Boston crippled and defacated on the 4th amendment, to put it lightly.

Secondly, the questions you pose leave ME with only one choice. The second question, while I don't believe Hollywood should be used due to it's immediate ability to discriminate and label those who question the event as conspiratorial, is the proper question to ask.

Has anyone else grown sick of the constant "grand events" to the point you start to become numb to any reality that this could be feasible or true? The world is what we let it become. The world is what we allow it to present. Why are we putting up with so much propaganda and disease of our potential? Legislation just happens to conveniently spawn from these events curtailing our civil liberties and trampling our Constitution and we are conspiratorial for questioning the haste in passing that legislation? What a bunch of shit!

I am anti-theist so therefore I don't believe I have any divine right to discuss conspiracy. I am however a spiritual and peaceful person and therefore definitely have EVERY right to question and be skeptical of those who so aggressively seem to be seeking the renunciation of my livelihood and those of my children.

That is my right as a parent and human being!

This site will die if you purport that those who discuss "conspiracies" are any different than those who are either afraid to or are ignorant to them. How many conspiracies before we stop calling them so? Not everything is a conspiracy Michael...some are and have been proven in time to be TRUTHS!

Michael...we are all humanity...I am sick of people calling me conspiratorial and funny because I ask questions. Should I just sit back and be silent? I don't want to be complicit to another genocide, another culture lost in worthless amenities while we are plundered of any real wealth...I am speaking for you Michael...I am not crazy! I am in fact more awake than ever before and my children will know to question EVERYTHING!


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