Comment: Rodney King Civil Unrest

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Rodney King Civil Unrest

As one who well remembers Los Angeles being shut down, here's my advice:

Knock on doors in your neighborhood and invite everyone over for a meeting (party). Decide whether it's worthwhile to block your own street. Find out who has medical training, who can babysit, and who is willing to go to the store with you. There are probably some teens willing to stay up late, and some grandparents who wake up before dawn, and between them, you can easily have round-the-clock security if need be.

Basicaly, the main, number one task, is to reduce the fear level by talking to each other, instead of cowering in the dark.

The late Huel Howser got his neighbors together, and they defended the strip mall in their neighborhood. The arsonists simply skipped that corner, as well as the one where the Korean immigrant stood on the roof with his gun. It did not take much to fend them off, and hiding inside watching TV news is the worst thing to do (unless you really want to).

We outnumber the police, and they live in the community, too, so most of them will be thrilled to know they don't have to be everywhere at once and that their own families are being cared for.

Fear is the most dangerous thing about the situation, as people may well shoot their own family members if startled. If they have allies, they won't be scared.

What do you think?