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then again, if Glock, Sig, Colt, Remington, FNH all too invoked the Ronny Barrett Option, during the lead up to the Senate gun vote, they'd have shut this nonsense down, long ago.

but as you know already, they'll forever 'need' a never-resolvable wedge issue/political football. all the black box voting, bankster acquiescent sycophantic scumbags in Congress aside, at least on the surface, they've always politically lost the gunfight in America; how these self-Kool-Aid alchemists honestly thought AWB 2.0 would be different this time? Regardless of the feckless and irrelevant nature of politics as a whole, but to the extent that it may delay the inevitability of a full on ubiquitous policestate, hopefully, Dems are reminded of their same fate, when they passed AWB 1.0, and get their clocks cleaned in 2014 and 2016.

seriously even if they really were serious about 'beating' us, they really shouldn't lie to themselves about that bullshiite 90% want background check idiocy; to delude that selectively targeting a specific range of demographic in pre-determined geographical area, and pose an idiotic sheeple populace a push-poll (hell, when AREN'T they a push-poll? lol) survey, and delude that 90% of around 1100~1700 surveyed is actually equal to 90% of the entire 310MILLION+ Americans, is utterly hilarious. Yet, of course, lo and behold, no one in the anti-gun MSM ever questioned the validity of that poll, worse, they were all so publicly invested in it.

it's like they never actually bothered to ask, sincerely that the reason why they "couldn't turn 90% into 60%" in Senate is precisely because there NEVER were a 90% to begin with?

I used to believe that these liars actually knew and reminded themselves occasionally that they were intentionally lying to us, for a reason.

But now, call it generational brainwashing (of their own kind) or whatever, but it seems to me that these a-holes actually forgot that they were initially lying to others for a reason, to now, they've lied constantly for so long, and now lied to themselves for so long that I really don't think they can tell apart reality from fiction: they must actually believe that the only reason why Americans as a whole are generally against gun control is strictly due to NRA's magical grip, and not the fact the most Americans actually LOVE their guns.

it's like what purpose does it serve their own agenda, to lie to themselves about reality? talk about a losing strategy. but hell, I ain't complaining about their delusion! LOL.

The only thing I wish would be a bit more different? Was hoping Bloomberg would've lost HELL of a lot more FRN's than S12Mil he wasted recently. Don't see a multi-billionaire waste billions on a pet issue policy campaign, but hey, it'd be hilarious, though, no?

then again, I probably shouldn't wish for it, considering all it took was bout 3months of ramp up in war propaganda PR to flip the majority of Americans in opinion polls (however feckless they maybe) majority of whom were against the Iraq Invasion, to 75% FOR war/invasion/occupation/rapes/tortures/murders. Nannyberg's billions would be devastating, when and if used against the same moron sheeple populace.o(


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul