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I agree, but unfortunately I

I agree, but unfortunately I think where we are now in comparison to where we are headed will make us wish for the conditions we now have. When the fed crashes, our foreign policy backfires finally, social security collapses, and many other problems a century in the making finally unfold, there will not be many good states to reside in.

I also understand that these problems will ultimately affect the globe with a global interconnected economy, but at least elsewhere I will be able to save easier and diversify my wealth without restrictions.

I agree he has been rather successful, but the sad thing is for every person we convert to libertarian-ism there are 5 more sheep ready to take their place. The internet helps a lot, but it also serves to misinform as well. Liberals and neo-cons alike have a plethora of resources to indoctrinate people with their views, and logical thought out arguments presented from libertarian-ism are drowned out to those not looking or whom don't know how to search properly.

I don't mean to take the cup-half-empty approach, but with problems scaling as big as they are it is hard not to.