Comment: Screaming is never a good idea

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Screaming is never a good idea

And yelling "false flag" probably isn't effective.

These events are being used to convince the majority of citizens that the constitution is an anachronism.

Remember, the majority of citizens already believe we live in a democracy which is on its face a lie. The fact is our founders purposely did not set up a democracy. This is documented and provable yet...we live in a democracy.

If the events themselves stand I do not see how the constitution can be quickened. That enlightened document and it's principles are dead for all intense purposes and to be brought back to life the War on Terror narrative needs to be challenged.

I don't think letting the official narrative stand unchallenged will be effective.

To answer your question as stated I think "B" would still be more effective.

A) would be meet with "Hey dude, don't you know these are terrorist and we are not safe until we have the DHS everywhere too protect us! The govt is us, the govt are the good guys dude. Duh!"

B) would be meet with, "your crazy!" My response, "I am not, are you interested in why I would say such an outlandish thing?"

I will get sincere yes to the question at the end of B, they are the only people that we could possibly have a dialogue with with either of the options as you state them.


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