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So since I made that

So since I made that statement, which I still agree with, I can't do further research and make observations? I think it is you that is confused. I would like to know who the naked man was, them not saying is obviously inviting speculation. I don't know why they haven't identified him and I think with as many people investigating it as there surely is, it will eventually be known.

"So, with equal or less evidence than before, you are now certain you know nothing about what you know! fantastic."

So in researching it last night I found someone who pointed out the naked man arrested has no chest hair and Tamerlan does, as you can see in his corpse photo. Other differences were pointed out as well but none that I think most on this site would agree to. I am not saying I know who the naked man is, I still want to know and will continue to be looking, but as I have stated I believe I found a key difference in the naked man and Tamerlan. I didn't have that evidence when I made that statement so you can shove your smart remarks up your ass.