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It's not my lable, it's Ron Paul's

I went from 911 Truth to Blowback with Ron paul, not that I don't believe that there is an international conspiracy, which I believe has much to do with the UN Agenda, as the WTC was a white elephant, bleeding money, an eye sore, 80% unoccupied, and impossible to legally demolish once the Kyoto Protocol went into effect.. and there are other issues, such as the property is under the jurisdiction of the Port Authority.. 911 truth does not go where other options go, but rather to me, 911 truth is designed to keep people perpetually seeking evidense when they all more than they need, what they do not have is a way to get that justice because we are transitioning from a constitutional government, to a government that is based on prescident set by gloablists standards.

So, I'm hanging in there with Ron Paul, Rand Paul and the idea that the Golden Rule also applies to nations who do much better when trading with treaties, than making corporate agreements to control all life on Earth.

The case isn't closed.. it's just many of us have our own ways (and many truthers are very passionate/ God Bless them).. for me, it's doing what I can to help Ron and Rand turn this ship around and I know you are on my side.. hopefully in the end we will all win liberty and justice for all.

Peace be with you!