Comment: is this book almost 3 years old?

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is this book almost 3 years old?

Talk about controlled opposition exposing controlled opposition...

Why the LATE book review? Sorry, too many Alex Jones links about making merchandise out of people!

Does anyone remember what Alex used to say about Michael Savage? Then he had him on recently to hawk a book?

I'm sick of this buddy-system; I wouldn't waste time writing a book if I thought I'd need infowars blessing on it in order for it to succeed.

From another post;(I don't charge for them by the way but I think they do provoke thought)...

Enter Pastor Lindsay Williams: Pastor to the Global Elite, one of Alex Jones' FAVORITE guys....he Alex...I HEARD IT..."the global elite have a moral mode of conduct, they always announce what they're going to do before they do it"...

Will any of you conspiracy people(by your own admission say the CONSPIRACIES ARE TRUE); entertain MY conspiracy that Alex Jones is a MOUTHPIECE for the Global Elite? That he is fed information(from his "sources") about ANYTHING evil that has been done, will be done, a for purposes of PREPARATION and CONDITIONING through the Alex Jones microphone?

The perpetrators of 9/11 knew damn well they wouldn't be able to keep a lid on word-of-mouth exposure of the questions surrounding the physics of 9/11 that don't add up; questions of Architects, Engineers, Firefighters, and Pilots: tell me, who among them are making money off 9/11 truth like Alex Jones is?

Any chance at all that Alex Jones KNOWS Proverbs 22:7, knows who signs his paychecks, knows God is allowing them "dominion", knows man is in massive sinful rebellion against God which only results in an increase in the size and scope of government for our own good; and he's just getting his while the getting's good??

The political will of this nation must be changed; and more Glen Beck chalk talk about the White House going Watergate on our grass roots efforts is a sensationalist rabbit trail. All the elites hire their buddies, what's new? Are we supposed to FEAR them?

Enter "Kent Hovind"; federally imprisoned creation evangelist..Kent pointed people to Alex's website after Oklahoma City, and 9/11 ... Alex Jones won't return the favor, because Kent's persuasive presentations would lead people into a dynamic relationship with the Creator, and OPEN THEIR EYES to so much deceit and the schemes of those who appear as angels of light, even though all they do is MAKE MERCHANDISE out of people!!!

Kent Hovind NEVER made merchandise out of people, his concern is SOULS to be reconciled with the Creator: what the IRS did to him MORE THAN qualifies for 6 hours of airtime on Alex Jones' program...he'll NEVER get it...Alex Jones is a FRAUD, a mouthpiece for the New World Order Kent Hovind spoke of in his seminar part 5!!!

Alex Jones is CONTROLLED OPPOSITION: don't give him your money or time!
Kent Hovind is a God-blessed evangelist, his stuff is FREE!!!

Folks, TAKE IN THE INFORMATION, then SPEAK UP right where you live!
Honestly, who can yoi TRUST more?  Alex Jones mind as well be a TV evangelist selling miracle water...