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Comment: DP was & still is a place where like-minded people

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DP was & still is a place where like-minded people

can come to express themselves. It was a unifying thing. Remember Chewee? That was TOO funny during the 2007 election. All the videos, well, we wouldn't have seen them, if it weren't for DP bringing all the BEST there was regarding the campaign together.

The unifying person was, of course, RON PAUL. He was our purpose!

It's just that as we opened our eyes to what this man was saying, well, it all made sense! It just all made sense.

So, my husband & I REALLY, REALLY appreciate you, Michael, for all the hard work and effort you gave. We really loved the software & multi-colored posts. It was fantastic and not seen on other websites. It was great! Anyway, I think it's something you will always be proud of.

And, if you tire and want to move on, well, we wish you the best.