Comment: it truly is your virtual living room

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it truly is your virtual living room

... your house your rules ... the point about which battle is more effective could be said to trump the totally shocking evidence of hoaxed yet again ... I will grudgingly respect house rules with the parting wisdom :

the truth is becoming virally popular lately and that is also effective for the brave few who like Sherlock Holmes simply allow all evidence to speak for itself

prove you're really Michael Nystrom not some CIA virtual double - the martial law came awfully close . . .

i remember back in the early days of 911 truth ... people simply freaked out in your face if you tried to show them clear anomalous evidence

the world is waking up

the CFR Trilaterals are throwing a strategy called "The Overture" at us

watch it unfold and ask yourself ? what if Alex Jones is right about where it's all heading?

will we be worrying about effective then? or will we be black-bagged one night ?