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It is information. It is an

It is information. It is an observation. I believe it to be evidence. I too was just looking to find out who the naked man arrested was. I believe in doing that I found a key difference that rules out it being Tamerlan, no chest hair. I still don't know WHO it was, but I will keep looking and I do believe it will eventually be revealed.

But aside from that, why downvote information? Someone's honest observation that is factual by the evidence presented to support it? If you disagree then disagree and state your case, I don't see why there's a need for negativity and downvotes. If I would have spotted a tattoo or something that Tamerlan has on the naked guy I would have started a thread and pointed that out too. It's not that I care about downvotes, I don't, I just think people need to take information for what it is whether it supports your prejudgments or not.