Comment: The Daily Paul means this much to me

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The Daily Paul means this much to me

And I think it means that much to those who took the time to say so there and who are taking the time to say so here.

Michael Nystrom is special. He allows us to just be who we are and does not force us to fit into his personal world view. He is welcoming and approachable. He is a fabulous host.

Michael, I just had a funny thing go thru my know those people who rescue people from cults and then have to debreif them...or people who are addicted and have to go thru a drying out period and someone has to watch over them and help them...well when I woke up, I was TERRIFIED, LITERALLY. The Daily Paul was my place to gently come back to reality and I had Friends in Liberty to help me thru.

I am indebted. I don't think you can ever really know because my words do not express well enough.