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Sure bro.

See there was more at stake than just ourselves and the potential future of a people post-genocide. It was more than just a pipe that she gave to us. She gave us the pipe, the One True Pipe and left it in our care and said she would be back. And she left instructions which i will very briefly paraphrase,

do as I do. Sit down and load the pipe. I promise you that you will get what you want. And from now on whenever you sit down to smoke, that is now my pipe. And so we had something to live for.

But we had this massive problem, those of us that lived. Our children who had been killed before they got their adult name were lost in a place where we could not get to them and we could always hear them crying but we could not get to them.

When She returned She broke that barrier and the prophecy came true IN THE SEVENTH GENERATION SHE WILL RETURN AND ALL THE DEAD WARRIORS WILL COME BACK TO LIFE.

Well that happened but not in a way we expected. It was kind of assumed that the dead warriors would come back to life and re-establish the people. Like this people. Red people.

Welllllls it just so happens you are reborn into ALL PEOPLE ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Do I see a confluence between RPR and R3VOLUTOIN and this Ron Paul thing?

Oh let see here. You are passionate, vicious and war like, you will fight at the drop of a hat you are just itching for a fight you were born with a chip on your shoulder, you are back and you want even.

Sound like youth today?

I'm just gonna bet you are like me in the regard that we are on the elder side of this which means we are not 7th Gen. Easy for me to tell because i'm the last generation that waited. My job now is to support, protect and defend. Or as I said to you once before, we are zoo keepers for now, our kids are coming in, they don't know who they are or why they are motivated and SO PISSED OFF.

You make the zoo and i will try to fill it. You hand it off, we will try to maintain it but there are still some out there.

What will take us longer bro? Longer than we have is to explain why. But I would like first the oppurtunity to explain what an Oyasin is.

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.