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Get off your soapbox

Your baseless assumptions, coupled with an elitist attitude are EXACTLY why so many people are fed up with the conspiracy crowd, which is too bad, because some are critical thinkers who are genuinely searching for truth...much unlike yourself it would seem.

Someone disagrees with you, or even worse-- proves whatever bullshit theory of the week to be wrong...they must work for the government and/or corporations!!!!11one How is that practicing critical thought? Answer: it isn't.

You pretend that you're searching for the truth and all that jazz, but the reality is that you just want to shove your worldview down everyone else's throat while demonizing those who disagree...just like the MSM

"Question everything" means to QUESTION EVERYTHING, not just run with the first "alternative" theory you come across, no matter how ridiculous it may be...just like MSM viewers.

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