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Update 4/28/13

Update 4/28/13 Ok so i finally have the system plumber tested it and there was some leaks and some problems adapting the pump hoses to 3/4 PVC pipe. Fixed the leaks (hopefully) and got all the plumbing glued together at least the stuff that is underground and about ready to start cycling. I have to drain the tank first as the water in it has been sitting for a week now to leach out any nastiness in the acrylic fortified concrete so need fresh water to start the cycle.

To adapt the pump hoses to the 3/4" PVC I tried to use some poly-pipe but it was too rigid and would not allow the pump hose seal up with hose clamps. SO I ended up getting some 1 inch automotive heater hose and it fits over 3/4" PVC pipe (barely) and then I had to cut a short piece of poly-pipe (3") long ways and actually take about a 1/4" section long way and push it in the heater hose then work the pump hose over it and clamp it down. I figure since heater hose is high heat it will be inert as far as off gassing since it can withstand high temperatures

Here's what it looks like:[

Here is the plumbing all done and in the trenches:

Here is a shot of the Intex pool pump.

I am anxious to get it cycling the weather just turned warm so I can start growing now but having to work a damn job to make a living takes up so much time it is maddening. Plus I got some orders for beehives so that is taking up my free time too. Hopefully the next pictures will be of the grow beds filled with media and the tank cycling. I need to get a PH kit too...

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