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Comment: How about sharing facts about guns?

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How about sharing facts about guns?

Does she know how many crimes and lives have been saved by guns owned by good people, and if we were all armed, many of these "mass shootings" would never happen. The "wild west" had the lowest crime rates in American history. Areas with the most gun control laws are the places where the most crime occurrs. Common sense, why would I steal from an armed person when I can steal from an unarmed chump.
And what about the facts about the real causes of death. While guns and bombs get all the media attention, more people die from car accidents and falls than from guns. And even more die from abortion, about 3000 babies per day, and we are wasting time arguing about gun control? Seems to me we should start with banning abortion like we did when we were a moral nation and believed in God.....
Hope this helps.