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For sure Fishy

You would have my vote, although we are far apart.

I had considered running for a low form of office but politics are so corrupt I don't think I could handle it.

I may never vote again.

But if your skin is thick enough, go for it.

I started with PTA, then School Site Council, and then was considering city council but especially in my area people are really liberal. I do have a streak of liberal running thru me living here, but realized I'm more of a classical liberal rather than progressive.

We need people like you in the SF bay area in CA. There's no way I could hack it. My grandfather was on city council out here and had a park named after him, and was an olympic trampoline coach, and I also think he was a firefighter. He died 25 years ago. He was cool as heck but died early. I still have a giant Oly beer bottle he gave me to put silver in, although I wasted it all on ice cream.. :(

But times have changed so much. The republicans here are not even republicans. In fact my Democrat grandfather was much more conservative than the republicans out here.

Seeing all the RNC BS really woke me up. Heck, even with PTA and SSC it's a popularity contest and I don't do it any more. It's the same jocks and cheerleaders I never got along with.

It's good to ask questions which you do. I don't think you'll get along well, but it may be worth it. I would love to have someone even on city council like you.

edit: I know you live nowhere near me