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I know exactly what you mean

Honestly, I'm very open minded. I will debate gun control with my friends and they'll make very good points. I hope that they see that I make very good points too. It's very hard debating somebody who's close-minded, so I try and always be open-minded.

In regards to your question, I feel like whenever you mention something about background checks here on the DailyPaul or some type of gun control (I don't mean to sound scathing), people will always be defensive and defend guns in GENERAL. However, not all gun control advocates are for taking away all guns. So I think it's really important that we stop using straw man arguments and misrepresenting the opposition. Most gun control advocates do not want to ban all guns, as you have pointed out. Some really do have moderate views.

My friend came to be about the universal background check law. He presented some very convincing arguments and I had to think about the gun show, internet, private sales loophole. I was very tempted to be onboard with closing down this background check loophole. But I started to remember why I'm a natural rights advocate instead of a utilitarian advocate. I think that people who use utilitarian philosophy don't have a backbone. They don't have principles. Like... if you ask a utilitarian... Do you believe in drug laws? Do you believe in the TSA? Do you believe in allowing terminally ill patients to have the right to choose experimental medicine for themselves that are not approved by the FDA? Do you believe in the NDAA? They'll assess each argument and see which side offers the greatest amount of happiness. However, Libertarians usually advocate the natural rights philosophy. If you ask us our views on these questions, we won't even bat an eyelash. We don't have to have a few minutes to think about our views. You already know that we're against drug laws, against the TSA, pro-terminally ill patient choices, and against the NDAA. This is because we actually have principles.

So, for the universal background check argument. I think Libertarians will generally say that this requirement violates private property rights. The government should not be allowed to dictate what you do with your property. Sure, it has the right to require Federal Firearms Licensed dealers to have their license to sell guns, and to run background checks, but this mandate is okay with me because it's a condition to be a licensed dealer. Just like you have to have a doctor's license to be a doctor. I'm cool with that mandate. But it shouldn't be able to mandate that private citizens undergo background checks to have a private voluntary exchange. I should be able to hand my pistol down to my son without any hassle. I should be able to sell my handgun to my friend without any hassle (unless he does something stupid with it and has a dangerous past, in that case I'm actually kind-of pro-negligence lawsuits but that's something totally different than this subject). Natural rights theory tells us that we have a right to our property and to do whatever we want with it.

In today's world, I am allowed to buy a car from my neighbor without any hassle. I'm not too sure about state laws, but I'm under the impression that if I just want to buy a Mercedes to keep in my garage to rust, I can literally pay my neighbor $5000 for his Mercedes without even applying to the DMV for a change of title. Likewise, I believe that I should be able to buy my friend's gun and keep it in my home, my own private domicile in my safe, without any hassle. NOW, if I wanted to take that gun out in PUBLIC, that's a totes different story! Just like if I want to actually ride my newly bought Mercedes out on state roads, I must apply for a driver's license / title change on the car. So, if I plan to take my gun out in public or to apply for a CCW license, I totally support having to pass a background check and passing tests. But literally, these laws are in place. People who carry firearms in public are already doing exactly what this gun control advocate is asking. They already do have to pass a background check, a skill exam, and a safety exam.

Anyways, besides the argument that private property protection allows for this private sales loophole, I really think that the universal background check is a slippery slope. Because LITERALLY, with this new universal background check, the government must know every time a gun changes hands. So why does the government need to know this? With this new law, it would always know who owns what guns. Because if you sell your handgun to somebody else, you have to notify the government that you did. I think there's enough historical precedence to show that

Step 1: Universal background checks
Step 2: Registration, always knowing where every gun is at in any moment within that country
Step 3: Confiscation, if crap ever hits the fan and martial law is ever imposed

Now, if there was some magical way to ensure that background checks were deleted within 24 hours, I think maybe I would give the universal background check more thought. I don't see why gun control advocates would have a problem with this. They would get their universal background check ensuring everybody who ever purchased a gun would be safe to own one. And the federal government could never keep a registry on its citizens. This would seem to be a great thing. But honestly, I don't believe it'll ever happen. The surveillance state is growing, and they will never delete any of their data on anything.