Comment: How do you mean by pro-cannon, sir?

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How do you mean by pro-cannon, sir?

Is there a line that you draw to restrict private citizens from owning some weapons like nukes, tanks, machine guns? Does the line that you draw have some basis, or is it an arbitrary line that you draw based on your judgment that you believe this X gun is bad and this Y gun is not that bad?

I actually would love to hear your response. I have a difficult time drawing a line too. I feel like my line is arbitrary. Like, I don't want citizens to be able to own tanks, but I want them to be able to own handguns. But honestly, I don't have any argument or any basis from which to create this line. I suppose it's just my own man-made judgment.

However, I did come across a RP clip talking about gun control that seems to answer this question. If you're interested, you only have to watch the first 20 seconds.

Do you agree with Ron Paul? And how do you argue your pro-cannon stance?