Comment: and just like that, the

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and just like that, the

and just like that, the pheonix rises :), well, more like false start actually :)

Uplifting news micheal, hope you and your wife a safe and pleasant trip, and that refresh feeling you only seem to get when you get back from holiday

Now, dont let the royals push you around mind you, let them pay for a meal or two, the cheapskates, if they dont, you go right ahead and tell liz from me......look, "liz".....look her in the eye, and you say......well.....tell her....i mean tell her "magnificent majesty", ..... that i, mmm, that is, that i, mmm, .....tell her i think they've done a wonderful job, in whatever it is they do, that i believe in them as i would do in fairies, so they dont have to worry about disapearing, and that i would never take a sarcastic opportunity to make light of them on an online website, for instance, say, of the top of my head, a website thats not it, dailystar, no that doesnt sound right ...? mail star......dammit, whats the one im thinking off

Lame ass joking asside, you guys have a great time, you recharge those hear :)