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one very important point here

in the link I provided it is pointed out how the ratifiers debated and voted to put in the Constitution the power of the Federal government to "emit bills of credit". It was voted to be removed.

The quote from the link:

In the ensuing state-by-state vote, nine states voted for the motion
to remove the bill of credit language, and two states voted
against it.

The attempt to cover this up by stating that the debates enable the exercise of making paper money even though the vote lost 9 to 2.

Hmmm? I wonder if having the ability to create the world's reserve currency out of thin air and pay themselves in this unlawful tender has anything to do with influencing the "judges" decision??

Can we say pecuniary advantage? Conflict of interest? Breach of Duty? Hmm? I wonder if this is the very reason Juries were given supreme power in the determination of law and facts? Do you think that maybe a Jury is independent for the very purpose of having the impartiality needed for all circumstances in crime especially for when the men and women claiming to be "government" are the accused?

Things that make you go Hmmmmm??????

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