Comment: If you havent, go to the classics

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If you havent, go to the classics

First are 19th century French authors, Dumas, Victor Hugo.
Probably the best book is Les Miserables It tells the battles of men who dream to be good in a society that tolerates evil.
Second is Fodor Dostoyevsky. Hes more pessimistic so I learned what good people need to see in the evil of others. I thought his best book was Brothers Karamazov . It presents 3 brothers. People read them differently I saw the youngest brother as good not necessarily weak.
Third is Herman Hesse, but this assumes you are either a wary hedonist or have an excessively logical mind that is drawn to programming or higher math. I think his best book is the Glass Bead Game
After that I like Pop fiction. Stephen King is fun, L. Ron Hubbard is fun but a little too easy.