Comment: In my mind's eye, I tried on your DP shoes.

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In my mind's eye, I tried on your DP shoes.

It occurred to me that there is no goal. If I were you Michael, what is there to strive for. Site maintenance is a means to an end. What ends?

Of, course it was a mental exercise and the shoes didn't fit.

Cash flow would be nice, no doubt.

Maybe a community generated "Peace, Gold, Love; the Best of the Daily Paul." Burn to CD or print copies for sale. Profit sharing with the authors, editorial and production staffs.

Like the mods, the staff would be by invitation of paid subscribers to finance the project and share any profit.

How many would drop a silver quarter for a Best of DP CD? There is enough material here to create a dozen CDs, maybe.

What could we leave that kids that pick one up at a garage sale in 240 years would appreciate. What will they say when the talk of the "Great Restoration". Will they wonder how it happened?

Can DP content be turned to Gold? Is there a fun way to do it?

Happy Birthday Michael, and Bon voyage to you and yours.

Free includes debt-free!