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I don't know what happened in here last night

I was online everyone was posting their swan song, it was a bit chaotic so I took some time off, then I get back online and Michael has posted something about the DP not going anywhere for the time being, yet people were still posting their swan songs in here. I don't know if you posted this before Michael posted his 'the DP is not going anywhere thread' or not. You did say "should" we be nearing the end, but I am not taking a chance that you might mean you might be nearing the end because you are tired of jamming. I am not ready to be done jamming with you, I have too much love and respect for you and I am not ready yet, so I hope that that is not your personal last song (It was a damn good one though and will be downloaded soon).

You do not have to respond to every comment I just left you, or any of them really, I just don't know if you are talking about you nearing the end, and if that is the case...please don't go, no... really, please don't go.


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