Comment: "agents" versus professional (and other) blind spots

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"agents" versus professional (and other) blind spots

I wrestle with the "agent" thing also - not at the "mass" level you do, but here are my thoughts:
Does the person ever contribute anything positive, thoughtful, at least funny? There are a handful that spend all their time being unkind, slanderous, occasionally threatening... I try to make sure it is not just the issue at hand, I check their posting history... If they just have a thing against me personally, oh well. If there "recent comments" are filled with hateful, divisive stuff, "block list" it is. It has made my DP time SO much more pleasant. I see when they comment on my list, but if I go to the thread I just don't see whatever hate filled nonsense they are spewing. It eliminates my inclination to respond, to "feed the trolls."
I think if others would try this, we would find the trolls starve to death. At the least, they would learn that from time to time, they would have to PRETEND to support other people here, find something kind to say.
Now, the thing that makes it harder is that we KNOW that everyone has been lied to by pretty much every authority figure they ever knew. I try to leave generous allowance for those who have not found the courage to see their own hand in the evil that is afoot. For a doctor to insist that doctors are good people doing good work is not really "trolling." It is not really reality, Pharma is about profits, not curing anything. The way the FDA persecutes anyone who claims to cure anything is pretty compelling evidence. But they ARE good people, who spent a LOT of time and money learning their craft, and it requires something extraordinary to overcome that kind of blind spot. For me, it took having them nearly kill me... These folks can get pretty nasty when their "sacred cow" is examined, but will generally be supportive of other people and the community here.
That is sort of my "guildeline" for using my block list, just thought I'd share.

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