Comment: Ask her if she has a plan for stopping criminals

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Ask her if she has a plan for stopping criminals

I tried but failed to see the connection between harassing and violating the rights of law abiding citizens and actually stopping crime and violence? Did I miss something? I'm not worried about the law abiding ones. What's her plan for the outlaws?

"At least it's a start" ?? A start would be actually addressing the issue. This is like saying "I'm going to start a painting" and then I go and punch my neighbor in the face... What? At least it's a start though right? Well... I guess so... wait, no...NO! That's messed up! What did punching my neighbor have to do with painting a picture? How is that a start at all? How is doing something completely unrelated and counter productive to the goal a start?

Also I wasn't aware guns caused crime and violence. When did this happen? I always thought it had to do with other motivating circumstances that society likes to ignore but ought to focus on and address if it wants to actually deal with the problem. I fail to see how scapegoating and banning inanimate objects deters and prevents deranged and violent people from committing deranged and violent acts, with or without a gun.

With all due respect to your friend, maybe she should start there, solve that problem before such kneejerk do-goodery punches us all in the face.