Comment: Full Autos (Class 3 weapons)

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Full Autos (Class 3 weapons)

Full Autos (Class 3 weapons) per the NFA are not technically illegal. In order to purchase one, you need special licensing and will be put on a registry with the ATF. You also be taxed to hell for every weapon you own. Hard to get? Yes. Infringement of 2A? Yes, but because little opposition to the passing of the legislation at the time (due to the gang violence) and no one of standing suing after the fact, the right to bear those arms w/o infringement has been lost through complacency. [Some gun control advocates have used the argument that the Founders never envisioned full auto, which is BS. There was an inventor that early on had petitioned the founders for a multi-shot musket]
Background checks - Before we enact to BGC lasws, howabout we enforce the ones we got? there were 15000+ people who lied on their 4473 (a felony as I recall). The only "new law" that might be viable is the gun show thing... If you're a private citizen selling guns at a gun show, make them a "temporary" FFL dealer, run the BGC's at the show, gun show sponsors are responsible for maintaining 4473's... I haven't run it out to unintended consequences/scenarios, but seems plausible.
It's obvious she knows nothing about guns... as stated previously, she's just regurgitating talking points. I haven't figured out how to make an analogy in a politically correct way, but most progs are all about 'woman's rights'... Gun control is violation of 2A, 4A and even the 9A I think... I love arguing 2A, it's the one I can argue without spending a lot of time having to find references..

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