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AJ Arouses Animosity

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I get that AJ 'wakes people up'. I would also suggest AJ for the most part gives word to how the people are feeling: angry / deceived / trampled on - in one word: victim. And it is good to call it out for what it is. But the "libertarians are terrorist" comes from that sector in which animosity towards the government has arisen. Stating that the government is incapable of regulating morality, or stating that the government is not efficient at anything is rooted in thinking. Stating that the government is planning to lock us up in FEMA camps is rooted in the emotion fear. IMO, egging AJ on to do more and be more of the same is, imo, evidence not of thinking, but of fear - misery, after all, loves company. Seems much like a religion / church - a great social club. Birds of a feather flock together. Forgive me, but I rather fly with the RP camp. I get the impression that the AJ camp is growing... I also get the impression the RP camp is being dispersed. Not a problem, just saying it like I see it. I was often so intrigued with a higher prominence of highly intellectual, well thought through responses. Doesn't seems so as much anymore...