Comment: I'm trying to "violently" keep people from smoking pot...?

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I'm trying to "violently" keep people from smoking pot...?

...your crowd rises up again to assert I subscribe to a belief system that [justifies] all of their high-and-mighty atrocities.

Let me guess, you believe in evolution...

Let me guess, TV preachers control my mind...

Let me guess, your non-agression principle will be cast aside if force is applied against us?

Tell me where the Golden Rule comes in when civil war breaks out?

Let me guess, Jesus is only a mythical character UNLESS you think your intellectually superior to a cocky Christian that takes a moral stand based on the Bible, right?

Endorsing total abstinence from chemicals that can alter a state of consciousness is "effing archaic and ignorant and religious barbarism", right? I'm a dangerous theocrat, right?

I'm not the neo-con, you are; you're Bill O'Reilly, the homosexuals have the better argument, the Bible CANNOT be used in the marriage debate,'s a STATE institution now, there is NO supernatural governing authority, right?

How about that Creator so named in our Declaration of Independence? Was it Christ, like John 1:1 says? Or, was it the deity of the "pure religion" Thomas Jefferson inferred was corrupted after he cut all Christ's miracles out of his Bible? Was it the deity of all the ecumenical compromisers prayed to at the inter-faith prayer service after the Boston bombing...or...maybe your the god of your own universe?

I read The Kennel by Elijah Green, I get more about using force, and the war on drugs, and governments and CHURCHES employing violence against people than you think...I also know more about what fuels a revolution, and, what makes it successful and lasting....

Your move...but seriously...lose the caricature Hollywood slander against Christ and Christians...