Comment: Ask questions.

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Ask questions.

The best way to unravel an argument is to ask questions. Make them examine their own ideas. This will both help them realize it's flaws and help them come to their own conclusion without you having to assert anything or come off argumentative. Good questions to ask.

What is your motivation for doing this?
How does your plan accomplish this?
How do you envision each part working?
Are there any potential flaws or problems that may arise from any particular point?
Would a person in situation x be protected by propose law y? Why or why not?
Who would be in charge of enforcing this?
How would they go about it?
Have such powers ever been abused by governments?
How would you prevent this abuse of power from occurring?
Where will the funding for this come from?
If they are unable to answer any of these questions or get frustrated because they don't know and just resort to the " I don't know, at least it's something" argument, then alert them that they clearly haven't thought it through enough. encourage them to continue to do so and warn them of the danger of advocating and supporting seemingly good but potentially harmful and illegal legislation, especially if it does not even address the problem. Good luck.