Comment: I don't recommend the use of any drugs--

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I don't recommend the use of any drugs--

In our home only herbal supplements are used, and all the herbs we use are 'legal'--

but one of our family members (more than one, but one was so profound as to be overshadow all the others) was severely damaged by prescription drugs--

the damage has been extensive and life-altering.

I know a young woman (not a family member or close friend, but a family member of a long-time acquaintance) with severe migraines whose profession allows her to have access to the raw form of lsd--

and keeps her able to function without mind-numbing, debilitating pain--

As for people using these mind-altering drugs to achieve some state of 'something'--

I don't agree with that. I just know what pharmaceutical drugs have done to some I love--

and knowing that, I want to see the hypocrisy and the charade (drug war) end--

I thought lsd came from a particular kind of mushroom. I wouldn't use it; I would be too afraid of taking too much, etc., but I don't have mind-numbing migraines that nothing else can dispel.

All substances can be dangerous if improperly used or if over-used.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--