Comment: self defence?

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self defence?

Is self defense a natural right or a contractual right? if it is a natural right to be able to protect your family and self from others that would have done you harm then you cannot "Licence or Permit" someone to do so. if it is a contractual right then a licence or permit (allowance from the government)works.

To licence or to Permit states that the individual has no right to protect self. The life of the individual is Licensed or Permitted at the will of the Government to protect itself.

If you believe some of our rights come from our humanity or from god instead of all rights being granted from government you can not licence or permit. if you believe all rights come from government then Licence and Permit people to own fire arm's or not.

Just be ideologically constant so you can have meaningful discussion when your talking about it. instead of being unaware of implications of such actions.

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