Comment: water is not an essential right

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water is not an essential right

Individuals do not have rights to things.

Water is something that costs money to bottle, transport, and produce. Companies and individuals own springs and ponds and rivers, and even touching it without permission is against the law.

Now, Nestle can't tell you that you cannot go onto public land and collect water from a stream, or that you should be taxed for your well water at home, or that you should pay for the rain.

Therefore, the individual has no right to water except that which he/she obtains and owns lawfully. In that case, of course they have a right to their property. But the necessities for life (food and water and shelter) are simply, by principle and definition, not rights but fruits of lawful labor.

And, as for the Jewish labelling, you ought to leave that out. I understand the threat of Zionism, but that does not translate to collective prejudice toward any and all Jewish people. You know, there are Jewish anti-zionists.