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Well, I guess you need another example then:

Since 2003, Thomas Bearden and Steve Greer have said they are 18 months away from developing an 'over-unity' device to be put in American homes. Production will take more time.

And here we are, 2013, with nothing new except a possible dead being from another planet. Oh, and where are those analyzed protein samples that Greer took from that ET's bone marrow? Nothing yet, huh? Shocking.

Sorry, but I took Greer's word for awhile and he pulled the rug from underneath me. Didn't like that too much.

The only thing I credit Greer for is opening people up to the possibility that ET exist. To think we are alone in this universe is illogical and arrogant.

You know what would make me change my mind about Greer, though, KMTB? If Greer would actually do what he says. That's allll it would take.

Know what I mean?

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.