Comment: See? That's all you have

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See? That's all you have

I called you out for being an assuming, elitist asshole whose only retort is to accuse others of working for the government, and you keep proving it with these responses.

Like I said, no critical thought whatsoever. You say I work for the government based on NOTHING but the very fact that I called you out on the fact that you use that as your go-to smear for ANYONE and EVERYONE who disagrees with you. You don't give a shit about evidence, only pushing your delusional worldview on others. Much like the MSM, you're only interested in pushing your own agenda while demonizing those who point it out. Think on that one for just a second.

Perhaps your heart is in the right place, but your head appears to be firmly planted up your ass. But hey, since I'm calling you out on this it must mean I work for the Illuminati or something.

edit: Seriously sharkhearted, what I'm saying is that you're being your own worst enemy with the way you choose to respond with those who disagree with you. If you can't/won't/don't understand that, then the 'dimwit' label stands.

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