Comment: It's been one thing after the next

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It's been one thing after the next

April has not been an easy month, and normally, I would be all over a few issues, but I haven't been able to think them through, having to think through recent events (brother's death/dealing with family, friend's attempted suicide/ he's worse off for it, missing a test for a certificate I need /next test is in August, so this threw my calendar year... on and on.. and then I get this email from a high profile Republican in CA, Ron Nerhing. You bet I want to do something, however, it's going to take a full deck right now, I'm a few cards short.

Ron Nerhing wants the GOP to fight the Soros group for medical marijuana.
Article about Ron Nerhing in Huffpo

To me, this should make Nerhing irrelevant, but instead, I see a big battled being prepared to be waged in the CAGOP as they use their police state against RP Republicans. I guess that's why I'm happy I took RP's affer to get in the GOP, this is a better battle ground than sign waving.. So, as the gears spin in my head about how best to approach this issue and CA GOP leader... maybe DP can help.. make it a DP project?