Comment: Her "plan" does nothing

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Her "plan" does nothing

Her plan does nothing to stop murders.

None of the stuff about safe storage of guns, responsible training/handling, etc. will do a damn bit of good to stop murders, mass or otherwise, of innocent people using guns.

All of those ideas could only possibly help reduce the number of accidental discharges... which NO ONE in the media or government is talking about.

So I say BS!

Plans like these are designed to sway people's hearts and appear as so-called common sense laws, but in reality they are just another round-about, deceptive way to expand gun control drastically. Personally, I think those who tout these ideas knowingly have the intentions of reducing the number of armed citizens capable of defending themselves as the Founders intended. Maybe they are only as gullible as the government hopes they are though. I have my doubts though. More likely they are state worshippers who truly think only state officials have any reason to be armed. We all know where a situation such as that leads.

Good luck with your rebuttal. Someone needs to set her straight

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