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I am still looking for

Any sign whatsoever in that video, that indicates a pressure cooker bomb full of nails or ball bearings had gone off. Nobody seems to be full of nails or ball bearings, not the fence or anything. Not the Saudi running away, not the large women blocking the view from the street, especially not those two who remained on top of or between the man who lost his legs from the nails and ball bearings ripping through his flesh.

I find it very hard to believe that people are unable to logically evaluate that video...which by the way was taken incidentally and not seized by FBI.

Yes, the implications of this are huge, maybe there is a psychological inability for some to rationally analyze it. The notion that actors are used to make news stories is just too far fetched to even view any evidence thereof.

And as far as who or what could have the kind of control and influence necessary to pull off the staging of events....go back and listen to Kennedy's "secret society" speech again. When Kennedy uses the word "conspiracy" he means it literally, as a collusion of persons and groups to commit fraud and or murder. When he says vast he truly means large and or huge, when he says "monolithic" he means solid in structure and/or as to act as one. When Kennedy says "ruthless" he means the ability to smash a baby's skull and not feel regret. When he says "a tightly knit, highly efficient machine" he means it's incredible and capable. When he says "subversive" he means they act by subterfuge. When he says has amassed great power and resources, he means literally they have control and influence in all the aspects he mentions. When he says "infiltration", he means worming their way in without notice.

Anyways, maybe listen to it again and just consider the evidence impartially. Personally I've explained in the past that I've seen direct evidence of news stories being scripted and staged, acted out and broadcast as truth. Sometimes irrelevant stories overall, and I had some confusion as to why they would make such irrelevant stories, maybe it was just practice? Now you see released, prepackaged news stories about patriots being arrested....will these be aired as truthful news stories later? Or would they have been? Obviously they are not truth, but fabricated. There is about to be a paradigm shift when everyone realizes that the major networks are controlled and literally air fabricated stories on a regular basis, they are scripting reality in ways that many are unable to even comprehend. Many hang onto cognitive dissidence to protect collapsing their belief system and avoid a such an ugly realization.

If it gets me banned for speaking of be it. I don't care, the ball has already been set rolling. Other deceptions intentionally perpetrated by the media conglomerate are unraveling.