Comment: She says these laws are "a

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She says these laws are "a

She says these laws are "a start" so does that mean she plans to use background check legislation to springboard additional gun-control such as registration or confiscation?

Ask her if she trusts the government and want them to be the only ones with guns such as the DHS buying 7,000 AR-15 rifles. Ask her if she trusts the same gov that lied about the Gulf of Tonkin that led ot vietnam and over 50,000 US deaths or lied about Iraq that led to some 3,000 US deaths.

If our government is really for the people and wants to protect our freedom then why are they building a massive facility in UT to track every bit of electronic info on every American?

As for magazines, what would that law do to prevent anything? You can change a mag in seconds and most gun deaths are commited with a pistol with a standard magazine.

Ask why the gov. wants to ban AR-15's when handguns cause a vast majority of gun deaths in the US.

Also, check out my account. I have a couple of essay's I have written about gun control that you could send her.

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