Comment: Comparing gun ownership to driving is incorrect.

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Comparing gun ownership to driving is incorrect.

People choose VOLUNTARILY to enter into a commercial contract when they decide to title, register & license their property (ie, a car) with the government. As sovereign citizens they could also choose to travel freely along the public right-of-way with their property without such obligations if they so wish. Most choose to go into contract with the government out of ignorance or to just avoid being harassed, but as they say freedom isn't free. Other such as this man understand their constitutional rights and actively defends them:

Not only is your right to own property protected under the USC but the framers reiterated this principle by SPECIFICALLY stating that no infringements can be put on owning bearable arms (whether that be muskets, semi-automatic rifles or laser cannons).

I would start by pointing this out to her before you start dissecting her other points. Thanks.