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How exactly am I not being loving? I do love you man, whether you want to believe it or not. The most fundamental beliefs? Why don't you lay those out for me. Or is it all just interpretation? Isn't it just your interpretation that love is fundamental? Maybe I think God's wrath is fundamental, or that salvation through Christ's atoning sacrifice is fundamental. I'm not laughing at you. I'm laughing at how you're using some sort of 8th grade, "it's all interpretation" argument, and then don't even defend it when I ask you about it.

See, you might not respect me which you clearly state (while at the same time hypocritically complaining that I'M not loving), but I do respect you. I just disagree with you. Let's not turn this into one of those, I'm a better guy than you and so people's sympathy should be on my side sort of debates. Just make sense. Answer what I asked you before, is it all interpretation?? If so, then you have to admit from your perspective that you have no idea if I'm right and you're wrong or vice versa, IF interpretation is all there is.

But you don't believe that. You believe you're right and I believe i'm right and we both believe there is truth to be had here, a discussion is supposed to help us figure out who's "interpretation" just might be true.