Comment: You Can't Get Rid of the Passion

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You Can't Get Rid of the Passion

Michael, the Daily Paul is an official iconic American treasure; a living monument to the freedom of expression. Maybe you think you no longer want this responsibility but you have to push on. You can’t stop because the Daily Paul is one of the few popular forums for good people to come together. In time it will become part of our history, depicting how the people resurrected themselves from destruction. Get use to it Michael; you are for all intent and purpose a digital founding father.

You may have been divinely inspired or simply wanted to awaken your fellow citizens that our country is in trouble, that our natural rights are in jeopardy, that America has serious problems that will only get worse if corrective action isn't taken.

We who post here do so because we share with you our love for liberty. We all know to a man and woman there are many, many things wrong with the federal government. We exhort our neighbors to change; we rally around victims of the abuses of the State; we commiserate with one another when personal tragedy strikes one of us and we show immutable distrust for anything the government tells us through their channels of controlled media. We give council to each other when asked for advice. We make comedy to lighten our day.

Some of us bring our children and grandchildren here to read, think and become educated about the importance of free markets, personal liberties and independence. We argue with one another for sure, sometimes with over the top emotional diatribe that necessitates behavioral admonishment.

The Daily Paul is our home, our place of refuge from the growing weight of enslavement put upon us by government. It is the light of freedom that pierces the dark heart of tyranny. We need this place to talk, to listen, to grow, to sustain our indomitable will to be a free people, an American people.

I implore you to not abandon us; we need you.