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Hello Michael...

Let me say that the altercation between us yesterday was necessary but something I would like to avoid in the future. I believe I had every right to be disgruntled at the taking down of several posts, especially one titled, "To Michael Nystrom", which was created out of genuine concern that I was being pushed aside because I directly requested answers from yourself regarding statements you made in another post. I understand you want this site to steer another direction and I have posted numerous personal topics that allowed readers here into my life regarding vaccinating my children, letters-to-the-editor, water fluoridation, etc...I love the cohesive feel of this site.

However much I applaud your efforts by this post, I want to pose a question to yourself: did the fact that my more recent posts evaded the direction you are trying to inspire with this thread have anything to do with being prohibited from posting privileges in the future? And if so, why?

I respect and applaud your ability and drive in preserving and maintaining this site, but please do not forget that when you label people (DP supporters, contributors, members) by the posts they put up here and imply that they are conspiratorial, you lose respect by the marginalization of that very implication.

Please allow me to post again and know that I meant no disrespect...I was seeking answers as to why you would label those who may very well have contributed to this site for quite some time.


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