Comment: The danger of becoming what we sought to defeat.

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The danger of becoming what we sought to defeat.

Will we applaud, when Rand takes the reins of power and suddenly reveals himself to be a closet liberty lover? Will we cheer as he reveals to the dumbfounded GOP voter base that "The War Is Over" - I mean, the ends justifies the means, right?
Or will we realize we won the battle and lost the war, and that we have simply replaced the politicians who lied to us to gain the power of elected office, only to turn on us? Do we "win" be getting someone who lies to win votes?
I DO give Rand "the benefit of the doubt." I think he is probably a good hearted man, doing what he thinks is best. I am just not convinced that it is really what is best. When I see people "wake up" it is because they learned some important truth, not because they heard a prettier lie.

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