Comment: I agree. Having a goal is key to the success of the site

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I agree. Having a goal is key to the success of the site

With Ron Paul's presidency no longer a goal, it really is time to set some new objectives. If for Michael Nystrom it's now come down to "site maintenance" and "not having this be a financial drain" - yeah, I can imagine that would be a drag!

As in marketing any product or service, you'd set objectives (primary & secondary), then develop strategies by which to meet those objectives. Once that was done, I'd think it would make site maintenance easier. There'd be a litmus test should something be at issue, the question to be answered being: "Does this meet our objectives?" From the viewpoint of members, it would help provide a sense of what would be acceptable, but also desireable, to post, hopefully motivating people to be more pro-active towards helping the site to *meet* its stated objectives.

I was grateful to see this post, relieved to know rumours were exaggerated. There are great people here (and maybe with the site re-invigorated, some who've left would return); it's a great format; it's based on worthy principles. There is no reason it couldn't continue to serve a valuable purpose. I think you're right that this is what it really boils down to: creating a new vision for the DP - really a vision of the future in which the DP had a role. Bottom line, as MN's site, it would reflect his "sight" in that regard. But as he's enjoying his vacation, we can all be thinking about the same so as to have that discussion he mentioned upon his return.

Steven Covey made the "mission statement" famous - for both personal life goals and business goals. It's the same thing.

It's even Biblical. :)
"Where there is no vision, the people perish..." Proverbs 29:18

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